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Eyeglass Ear Frame Socks! Hygienic Slip-On 100% Cotton Covers

Eyeglass Ear Frame Socks! Hygienic Slip-On 100% Cotton Covers

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How my Eyeglass Frame Socks came about:


I am Biblos Geek, maker of the 2E1: TWO EARS IN ONE® True Stereo Headphones for the Single-Sided Deaf Community and I went through multiple major surgeries related to removing my acoustic neuroma in and around my ear that made me unilaterally deaf. This made wearing eyeglasses uncomfortable and also during this post surgical period I became susceptible to bleeding, skin irritation and infections. I could not find any sort of product out there that could be used as a hygienic cover for eyeglasses temple frames so I put my sewing skills to work (that I learned from sewing fabric wings in the Aviation industry) and created my own pair of hygienic frame covers. 

My other innovation that I created (my 2E1 Headphones) also came about from searching for ways to overcome the after effects of my surgery which I also make and sell. I had no intention of selling the eyeglass temple frame covers in the same way but I have gotten so many favorable comments and requests for them that I have decided to make them for those who may also be looking for this solution.

The Eyeglass Hygienic Frame Covers are hand sewn by me from 100% t-shirt grade soft cotton and are ideal for post-surgery hygienic wear and can be worn while exercising to absorb sweat and oils or worn about the house or out in public for daily wear if needed for comfort (currently I only have it available in white but plan for a range of colors). Because they are made from 100% cotton t-shirt fabric the covers are strong enough to be machine washable (because they are small and maybe lost in the machine I recommend hand washing) and are reusable.

The Hygienic Frame Covers make wearing eyeglasses more comfortable for those that have had recent surgery around the ear area or those that suffer irritations or are allergic to the plastic material eyeglasses are made from. The covers are made to fit most eyeglass temple frames and cover the entire temple and ear where skin contact takes place.

These are hand sewn by me in my New York City workshop and made from 100% t-shirt grade soft cotton. I am pricing these at $5 a pair and will arrive to you via USPS First Class stamped mail (without tracking) so I can offer it at a low cost as the default shipping method. I also offer tracking and priority and international shipping.

Thank you for your consideration and for allowing me to be of service to you! 

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