How the 2E1 works for hearing in stereo for the single sided deaf

Basically the sounds coming from stereo drivers are individual mono sounds being played on the Left or Right channel to create a stereophonic sound, a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of a multi-directional audible perspective. If you are unilaterally deaf you naturally miss out on this stereo Left/Right audio positioning with normal stereo headphones. While they do have mono conversions of the stereo sound to the headphone speakers, I found that mono-mixed audio makes the music sound "flat" to me knowing what it sounded like before my unilateral hearing loss. Mono-mixers take the Left and Right two channels and blends them into one channel and eliminating the stereo effect and mono-mixed audio is useless for sound localization in PC/Console gaming.  My 2E1 headphones preserve the stereo two channel sound with separate L/R drivers housed in one ear-cup and thus getting true stereo sound and stereo panning effects going into your one ear. My 2E1's really are true stereo into a single ear headphones where there are separate Left and Right channel drivers playing into one ear to create a true two channel stereo experience via a headphone for the single-sided deaf. The preserved two channel stereo audio sounds richer and fuller than it would if the two channel stereo signal was mono-mixed. 

With my 2E1 design, I'm positioning both the separate Left/Right driver channels inside a single ear-cup on the 2E1 headphone in a staggered spacing I call a "Flying Echelon" formation. Having separate magnet drivers staggered in one ear-cup of the headphone allows your one ear to better hear the stereo panning effect between the two individual L/R speaker drivers with one ear, in other words true two-channel stereo sound going into one ear! Inside the 2E1's ear-cup the Left driver is in the up position and the Right driver is in the down position so you can hear the preserved separated two-channel stereo signal with your one ear (as this illustration shows):


Additionally, I'm placing the two individual L/R speaker drivers into the headphone ear-cup in what I call the Flying Echelon staggered formation (see diagram below). In my 2E1 proprietary process the individual Left and Right channel drivers are mechanically secured (no glues are used) to an acoustic diaphragm that free floats inside the ear cup (hence flying) which aids in improving their sound stage. In the Flying Echelon staggered formation the right driver in the down position closest to the ear and the left driver is positioned in the up position and staggered/stepped back so the left and right drivers are not in parallel alignment (hence they are in staggered echelon formation). This echelon (staggered) spacing of  the speaker drivers for 2E1 headphones is designed to enhance your one ear's ability to experience the stereo panning effect without distortion of the audio signal. 

You don't need to tell me what side you are deaf in when ordering. In my 2E1's drivers configuration, the side with the cable is the side with the two L/R drivers that you place to your working ear. There is no Left or Right side orientation for the 2E1 stereo headphone because the Left and Right drivers are contained in the one ear-cup with the Left driver in the up and staggered back position and the right driver in the down position closer to the ear. To hear, just place and center the ear-cup with the L/R drivers to your functioning left or right ear and the hollow ear-cup side to your deaf ear. Once you get your hands on the 2E1, how to use it is simple and self-explanatory. The 2E1 comes to you plug-and-play ready to work, with no assembly or batteries required. All you would have to do is place the 2E1 on your head like any normal stereo headphone and plug it into your smartphone, computer, gaming console or any stereo/audio device and your one ear will hear in two-channel stereo. 

How my 2E1's Flying Echelon Left/Right Driver formation works for in aiding hearing stereo with one ear:

The way my Flying Echelon™ configuration works is based on the observed phenomenon that sound level is dependent on how close the sound source is to your ear. The drivers are affixed separate to the ear-cup housing (hence "flying" designation) and are staggered (hence the "echelon" designation) inside the ear-cup of the headphone. With the Flying Echelon™ formation the Right side stereo driver is in the down position and closer against the ear and the Left side stereo driver is in the up position and recessed slightly back and away from the ear, thus making it easier for your one ear to have the ability to hear the stereo panning effect between the individual Left and Right drivers. The Flying Echelon staggering also functions in conjunction with a acoustic resonance enhancing diaphragm that the drivers are mechanically attached to inside the ear-cup housing that works in harmony with the drivers to produce an effect that enhances the high fidelity drivers' dynamic audio performance. You have to hear it and feel it pumping to believe it! (See my diagram of how the Flying Echelon staggering works):

All my 2E1 headphones have a form of the Flying Echelon (with the exception of the 2E1 Audiophile-see it's description below) headphone models incorporate a version of my Flying Echelon staggering of the Left/Right speaker drivers to produce a perceptible sound contrast (f and p) between the individual Left/Right drivers housed inside the ear-cup that your one ear can perceive. You can center the ear-cup over your working ear for a more balanced sound between the Left/Right channels or or move the ear cup up or down to accentuate hearing one channel over the other. Increasing/Decreasing volume also allows you to identify if sound is coming from the Left or Right stereo channels: lowering volume allows you to hear the channel separation better and increasing volume blends the L/R channels sounds more. Additionally, the stereo panning effect is accentuated by the staggering of the L/R channels via the Flying Echelon™ staggering of the speaker drivers.

My 2E1's Flying Echelon™ staggered configuration of the Left/Right drivers aids your one ear's ability to pick up the stereo panning effect between the Left and Right drivers by using the staggered distance spacing of the speakers to create a differentiation in the audio dynamics between the Left and Right drivers. In musical theory, Musical Dynamics refers to the volume of sound using the Italian terms of piano (soft) and forte (loud). My "flying echelon's" staggered spacing of the L/R drivers creates the piano (and forte effect. The right channel's driver is closer to the ear being designated as forte (f) and the left channel driver is staggered back being designated as piano (p). This f and p audio dynamic contrasting of the L/R drivers created by the Flying Echelon staggering is what helps your one ear hear the the stereo panning. Listening to the 2E1 headphones with the Flying Echelon L/R staggering in one ear cup thus preserves audio's original stereo mix that would be destroyed by mono mixing while helping your one ear hear the stereo panning effect making the audio being heard sound full and vibrant compared to mono mixed audio.

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