What I am doing with my 2E1 designs

What I am doing with my various 2E1 builds:

You don't need to tell me what side you are deaf in when ordering. In my 2E1's drivers configuration, the side with the cable is the side with the two L/R drivers that you place to your working ear. There is no Left or Right side orientation for the 2E1 stereo headphone because the Left and Right drivers are contained in the one ear-cup with the Left driver in the up and staggered back position and the right driver in the down position closer to the ear. To hear, just place and center the ear-cup with the L/R drivers to your functioning left or right ear and the hollow ear-cup side to your deaf ear. Once you get your hands on the 2E1, how to use it is simple and self-explanatory. 

The 2E1 comes to you plug-and-play ready to work, with no assembly or batteries required. All you would have to do is place the 2E1 on your head like any normal stereo headphone and plug it into your smartphone, computer, gaming console or any stereo/audio device and your one ear will hear in two-channel stereo. 

I assemble my 2E1 headphones from new, high quality name brand components that I found work and fit together best for this project. I use on-ear stereo headphone magnet drivers from Koss (which are high fidelity rated) and Panasonic (which have XBS port boosted bass) that I modify and insert into premium name branded passive noise canceling hearing protection earmuffs in my innovative "Flying Echelon" staggered drivers configuration (except the 2E1 Audiophile model). Like all earmuff hearing protectors, they are passive noise cancelling and are designed to fit tightly but comfortably on the head and over the ears and are all designated as one size fits most for adults and children (please keep in mind that a tight fit is standard for all hearing protection earmuffs).

I incorporate my self developed proprietary enhancements on the drivers I use improving their performance over their factory settings. The hearing protectors that I'm converting into 2E1 stereo headphones were selected due to their sturdy, quality construction, comfortable and long lasting ear cushions that are great at blocking ambient noise so all you hear is the sounds coming from your speaker drivers. 

While all my 2E1 headphones have a form of the "Flying Echelon™" staggered drivers configuration (except the 2E1 Audiophile model - see description below), the "2E1 Pro Ears (gold lettering) and Ultra Gel (platinum lettering) models" have the best and most acute versions of the Flying Echelon configuration (see The "2E1 Pro Ears" specifications and illustration below on how my Flying Echelon speaker formation works) to provide the maximum aid for your one ear to hear stereo panning effects in high fidelity audio.

For added comfort I also incorporate vents into the "deaf-side"/hollow ear-cup to help keep the deaf ear cool and comfortable and for ease of differentiation as standard for all 2E1 models. 

Modifications/add-ons available to the 2E1 headphones (like adding a microphone for gaming): 

For the 2E1s headphones that do not come with a microphone, they can be easily modified by the end user with an add-on microphone to convert the 2E1 headphones into a headset. I recommend using the Antlion Mod Mic.

In some cases you may find that you may need to pair up the 2E1 headphone with a headphone DAC/Amp. Headphone amps are recommended if your 2E1 will be in use with weakly amplified devices like some soundcards, portable music players, smartphones, and other portable audio devices that tend to need a headphone amp pairings in order to get the best powered audio signal from high (25+ ohms) impedance headphones (this is generally true for all brands of high 25+ ohms impedance headphones).

If the length of the audio cable needs to be longer for your needs you can extend it with a simple 3.5mm male-to-female audio extension cable. I would be happy to advise you on how to do all this. I will add vent holes for free on the speakers side of the Sports Bluetooth model to better aid your hearing of ambient noises of the surrounding environment. Contact me with this request after your purchase i(n some cases my 2E1's are also being used by people who have bilateral hearing (hearing in both ears) so as to keep one ear free to monitor the surrounding environment while listening to stereo in the other ear). Any 3.5mm audio jack capable adapters will work with the 2E1. 

The 2E1 High Fidelity Headphone Models for Gaming and Music Listening

I build both of my 2E1 Pro Ears models (2E1 Pro Ears with gold letters & 2E1 Pro Ears Ultra Gel Folding with platinum letters) by converting the Altus Brand Pro Ears hearing protectors. The Pro Ears (Gold Lettering) model is made with genuine leather visco-elastic foam ear cushions and a leather padded headband and the Pro Ears Ultra Pro Ears model (Platinum Lettering) which is compact and foldable with comfortable, stay cool aviation gel ear cushions and a padded steel spring headband. For both my 2E1 Pro Ears (gold and platinum) models I incorporate the legendary Koss KSC75 high fidelity stereo headphone drivers that I mechanically attach to an acoustic diaphragm that is arranged inside one ear-cup in my unique and innovative Flying Echelon staggered drivers configuration for aiding a single-sided deaf person's stereo panning perception.

Of all my 2E1 models the "2E1 Pro Ears Ultra Gel Folding" model (platinum letters) is the headphone I would recommend for serious single-sided deaf gamers, musicians and audio professionals of every kind that have a need to differentiate as best as possible to their hearing abilities in one ear between the Left/Right sound origins in a stereo audio signal (it is also the ideal model for those who value long wearing comfort in a headphone). The 2E1 drivers housing can also be moved around the working ear to quickly sound check left and right drivers. The "2E1 Pro Ears Ultra Gel Folding" model is a "must-have" for every gamer who has single-sided deafness!

While all my 2E1 headphones have a version of the "Flying Echelon" staggering, due to the ear-cup geometry of the "2E1 Pro Ears Ultra Gel Folding" model it has the most advanced version of the "Flying Echelon" staggered spacing where the difference between Left and Right stereo channels can help you hear the stereo panning via the spacial staggered gap. 


The 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt can be paired with the 2E1 Headphones for the single sided deaf which will allow them to hear everything with their one working ear and rely on the vibes generated by the belt for spacial awareness in games.

Who can benefit from using the 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt?

  • The 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt can be paired with the 2E1 Headphones for the single sided deaf which will allow them to hear everything with their one working ear and rely on the vibes generated by the belt for spacial awareness in games.
  • The 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt can be used as a replacement / substitute for headphones for the deaf that get no utility from headphones.
  • The hard of hearing who get some utility from headphones can pair their headphones with 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt to fill in information they are not getting from headphones.
  • Those with normal hearing can pair their headphones with the 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt to get an immersive haptic experience.

How the "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" came about:

I created the 2E1 headphones and 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt in tandem after my own unilateral hearing deafness from an acoustic neuroma so as to allow me to continue my pastime activities such as gaming. When I went unilaterally deaf, I tried various so called "vibrating" vests, headphones and vibrating gaming chairs to see if their vibrations could aid me as a single-sided deaf person understand the direction sound was coming from in video games.

To my supreme disappointment I found all such vibrating devices and accessories to be merely audio gimmicks designed to enhance the special effects nature of gaming for normal bilateral hearing people but did nothing to alleviate my need for gaming audio accessibility as a single sided deaf person. I decided to put my Aviation Airframe and Powerplant background to good use (and in conjunction with my 2E1: Two Ears in One headphones that allowed my one ear to hear in true two-channel stereo) I created an audio to vibrations translating belt using voice coil exciters that I named the "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt " that is available, affordable and of real use to those with hearing conditions.

My self-developed "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" (developed with feedback from single-sided deaf, profoundly deaf and hard of hearing Beta Testers who I would like to thank for all their invaluable input) enhances gaming abilities of gamers by translating in-game sound origins into vibrational cues. 

The 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt also helps in the understanding and aids in the immersion of music listening and watching videos/TV for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. The 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt's vibes are not gimmicky vibrations that vibrate randomly or when there is only an explosion, etc. 

The vibrations my 2E1 Vibe Cues Belt are so sensitive and intense you can differentiate soft sounds like creeping footsteps, loud explosions, the stereo sound panning from the left to right side is all clearly felt as identifiable haptic vibrations. 

My "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" can be used alone without any headphones as a headphone substitute for Deaf/Hard Of Hearing users or can even be used by those with "normal" bilateral hearing because it augments the gaming immersion experience (It is also great for enhancing the experience of watching movies and listening to music). With the "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" you will be able to identify sound origins in games because the audio is converted to a powerful haptic pulsing vibration feedback that you will feel on your back (or however you want to wear the belt). The Deaf/Hard of Hearing community has a major need for gaming and media accessibility that is not currently being fulfilled by any major manufacturer so I contend my self-developed "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" can service that need.

How The "2E1 Vibe Cue Belt" works:

The supplied amp splits the stereo signal from any 3.5mm audio-out jack into its Left and Right channels. The "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" Left/Right voice coils vibrate against your body via the the belt providing a haptic feedback that lets you feel the sound translated into vibrations. The powerful voice coil vibrations translate sounds into haptic vibrations so the user can feel the sound origins they can't hear. The haptic vibrations of my "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" are sensitive enough to allow you to feel footprints, breathing and even dialogue sounds translated into identifiable haptic vibrations. While you do not need to use my 2E1 headphones or any headphones with the "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt" (those that are profoundly deaf, for example) if you are single sided deaf, I highly recommend getting my "2E1" headphones to go with the "2E1 Vibe Cues Belt". 

While I did create the "2E1 Vibe Cue Belt" to aid gamers with deafness/hearing conditions it is a great immersive enhancer for watching movies or listening to music at an affordable price that makes haptic feedback accessible to all regardless of hearing condition. The belt's pulsing vibrating power is controlled by the supplied amp's volume knob and if the belt is used with a headphone the volumes of each can be controlled separately (because sound is produced from vibrations, whatever audio is being played will be heard from the 2E1 Vibe Belt but once against the body the belt's exciter produced sounds get muffled)

The 2E1 system was designed for gaming but using it can also add enjoyment to music or movie watching/listening experiences. Remember to turn off all mono settings on your audio devices.

All component parts used in my 2E1 model conversions are guaranteed to function and to be brand-new-out-of-the-box. The 2E1's are personally hand built by myself in my NYC workshop to the highest build quality but please forgive any superficial blemishes that may arise from the handcrafted build process. Additionally to eBay's consumer guarantees, for as long as I am making my 2E1s I will provide personal lifetime technical support and also repair or replace the 2E1s purchased from me for free or at cost if they ever malfunction or get damaged (per my discretionoffer not applicable to ear cushion replacements and you will need to pay for shipping both ways), so please save your receipts!  

Please allow me about a week to build and ship the 2E1 stereo headphone to you (I can usually beat this estimate) and I also happily ship internationally! The available default colors are those shown in the pictures but in the event that the default colors are not available from my suppliers at time of your purchase I will substitute with another similar (unisex) color. 

For those people who are sensitive or concerned about chemical smells, I do not use glues of any kind in my 2E1 build. The 2E1 headphone's Flying Echelon staggered embedded speaker drivers are secured inside the ear-cup via a pure mechanical build and are fully serviceable and customizable. For those sensitive about their SSD condition I do not brand the 2E1 headphones in any way to indicate it is for use by a single-sided deaf person

The Single Sided Deaf community has a major need for high fidelity stereo headphones that is not currently being fulfilled by any major headphone manufacturer so I contend my self-developed 2E1 stereo headphone creations can service that need. 

Positive reviews for the stereo headphone drivers and the hearing protection earmuffs that I convert into my 2E1 stereo headphones are widely attested to online. If you want to know ahead of purchasing the 2E1 headphones how well all my 2E1 models will sound and fit, then all you have to do is look up the online reviews for both the fit of the individual hearing protection earmuffs and the sound performance of the stereo headphones that have been submitted by a multitude of reviewers over the years. 

I contend that my 2E1 headphones can match normal bilateral stereo headphones in audio performance because I'm converting the well reviewed bilateral hearing stereo headphones from the selected major brands (Koss and Panasonic) into my 2E1 headphones to serve the single-sided deaf community's audio headphone needs. 

I'm very honored and humbled by the positive reviews my 2E1 stereo headphones are receiving (some of which I screenshot). I had first made versions of the 2E1 headphones for my own use during my post surgery recovery and found that making my 2E1s for others has been a great healing therapy for me in my own recovery from my unilateral hearing loss so I'm grateful to be of service and build my 2E1 "Two Ears in One" true stereo headphones for others in the single-sided deaf community. 

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to the unilateral hearing loss (UHL) / single-sided deaf (SSD) community!

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