The 2E1+Vibe: The haptic vibrating 2E1 headphone for single sided deaf gamers

The 2E1+Vibe headphone is one of my three methods that the single sided deaf can use to sound locate in gaming that I created with my 2E1s. 

I was honored to have my 2E1+Vibe headphone mentioned in an article about single sided deaf gamers and the gaming struggles associated with only hearing one side of a game's audio.  Since then I have been getting many questions from single sided deaf people about it. I don't have a social media presence as of yet so I wanted to put this all down on this page to help answer any question on how the 2E1+Vibe works and how to order it if interested (if it is right fit for your particular hearing needs).

How the 2E1+Vibe headphone came about:

When I became unilaterally deaf I sought a solution that would replicate the ability to use headphones for directional sound awareness in gaming. I beta tested this with volunteers from single sided deaf and fully deaf people on Reddit. 

How the 2E1+Vibe works for gaming:

In the 2E1+Vibe the left and right drivers are in one earcup. For the unilateral deaf person that means with the 2E1+Vibe headphone their working ear can hear all the sounds in the game in full two channel hifi rated stereo but the other earcup that sits over their 100% deaf ear that has the vibe exciter. The vibe is not a random vibe but accurately translates sound into vibes because it is a voice coil based vibe.

So if you hear sounds like footsteps in a game with your working ear on the 2E1 stereo side but do not experience a vibe on your deaf ear that means sounds are coming from the side in the game you have hearing in. If you hear a sound in the game and feel a vibration that means the sound is coming from the side you are deaf in. You can also use the 2E1+Vibe without the vibe part if you want - each earcup side is independently operated when it comes to volume of hearing and vibe intensity. See the 2E1+Vibe headphone used live in games here.

The 2E1+Vibe is one of three 2E1 methods I created to help Deaf/HoH players. I created a description of the three 2E1 methods for gaming here (of which the 2E1+Vibe is one method): How the 2E1 "Two Ears In One" Stereo Headphones for the Single-Sided Deaf Works for Gaming Sound Cues

The 2E1+Vibe comes complete and plug and play ready with all you need to set up except a microphone. The 2E1+Vibe headphone does not come with a mic but you can easily add one like the Antlion ModMic to convert to a boom mic headset.

The 2E1+Vibe can also be used for music listening watching videos and will work with any 3.5mm headphone audio out jack.

How to order the 2E1+Vibe headphone: 

If you are interested in purchasing it please email me at to inquire more about the 2E1+Vibe and submit an order for me to build one for you.  I do not sell the 2E1+Vibe on my page nor on any eCommerce site because I want to first make the client aware they need to be 100% deaf in one ear where the vibe part of the 2E1+Vibe headphone will be against (the hearing ear is unaffected by the vibe). Because I need to consultat with a potential client beforehand I only make a few 2E1+Vibe headphones at a time in small batches (they tend to sell out quickly). 

The 2E1+Vibe sales price may vary based on parts costs at the time I make the batches but they sell for the same price as high end (but still affordable) headphones. I accept payments via PayPal or Zelle. I happily ship internationally. It takes me a week to build and ship after payment is made. The 2E1+Vibe comes with a 15 day money back guarantee and lifetime service support.

If you have would like to place an order please feel free to contact me directly at "".

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