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2E1 Sports Bluetooth Headset (with microphone)

2E1 Sports Bluetooth Headset (with microphone)

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The 2E1 Sports Bluetooth folding headphone wireless model compatible with all smartphones is made from Koss' legendary KSC35 high fidelity drivers reintroduced as wireless Bluetooth headphones that I rework and arrange in my 2E1's Flying Echelon staggering inside the super comfortable and lightweight Peltor Sports ear protectors. The Koss KSC35s wireless Bluetooth drivers feature dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response of 15-25,000 Hz. You’ll revel in the high fidelity sound quality they offer, and love the superior volume – even with low-voltage portable devices. The 2E1 Sports Bluetooth folding headphones are the perfect companion headphones for the active single-sided deaf listener on the go. The 2E1 paring of Koss' hi-fi KSC35 Bluetooth enabled drivers with the Peltor Sports ear protectors creates the perfect portable hifi stereo listening convenience in a compact folding headphone.

  • Koss KSC35 drivers are made from oxygen-free copper voice coils that improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer high fidelity rated sound. 
  • Computer-optimized neodymium iron boron magnet Koss KSC35 drivers structures deliver great high fidelity rated sound quality and volume and deliver exceptionally wide frequency responses of 15-25,000 Hz 
  • Koss KSC35 drivers arranged in the Flying Echelon staggering
  • 6+ Hour Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • USB charging cable and Koss embossed carrying pouch for the charging cable included
  • In-Line Microphone & Remote (Play/Pause, Start/Stop, Volume, Answer/End, etc.) ideal for smartphone use
  • Connect via Bluetooth version 4.2 ideal for all smartphone model pairings
  • Headphone is made from 3M's Peltor Sport Shotgunner II compact folding ear protector with padded spring steel headband and super soft foam cushions
  • One size fits most adults and children 
  • Headphone weight approximately 9.2 ounces
  • Passive ambient noise cancellation allows you to better hear your sounds at lower volume and does not allow sound to leak out
  • Can be worn comfortably with eyeglasses, hearing aid devices 
  • Hollow ear-cup for the deaf ear is vented for cooling comfort and can be used as a convenient storage compartment for the attached In-Line Microphone & Remote
  • Free vents upon request at time of purchase added on the 2E1 Sport's ear-cup side with the drivers to aid in hearing ambient sounds 
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