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2E1 Spartan Sporta Prohear

2E1 Spartan Sporta Prohear

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"2E1 Spartan Sporta Prohear" (Spartan War Helmet decal) Description

  • Uses the Koss SportaPro ENDURANCE SERIES high fidelity rated drivers. Ideal choice if you want a more dynamic high fidelity audio with a deep bass response in a headphone for gaming or music listening
  • Left/Right drivers housed in one ear-cup using my Flying Echelon staggering (see description and diagram above on how the Left/Right drivers are arranged inside ear-cup) with Left driver in the up position and staggered back and Right driver in the down position mechanically affixed to an acoustic diaphragm to produce an enhancing resonance effect making the audio sound deep, full and reverberating
  •  Great for stereo audio listening and gaming
  • Made from Prohear hearing protectors with with a padded steel spring folding headband for compact portability
  • One size fits most children and adults
  • Hollow ear-cup side like all 2E1 headphones for the deaf is is vented to help with ear cooling and can be used as a convenient storage compartment  and can be used as a convenient storage compartment for the approximately 4' long audio cable
  • Can be worn comfortably with eyeglasses, hearing aid devices 
  • Stress relief of the soldered wired connection to the drivers for added wired connection durability is standard on all 2E1 models
  • Koss Porta Pro drivers are made from oxygen-free copper voice coils and dynamic elements that deliver deep bass high fidelity rated clear sounds. 
  • Exceptionally wide frequency responses of 15-25,000 Hz 
  • 60 Ohms Impedance (Headphones with high impedance (25+ ohms, approximately) tend to need more power to deliver higher audio levels. High impedance protects from damage caused by overloading and can also be used with a wider range of audio equipment but may require a headphone amplifier pairing for low voltage devices like portable music players, smartphones & wireless gaming controllers, etc. to achieve optimum audio performance.)
  • 101 dB SPL/1mW Sensitivity (The consensus is that exposure to sounds louder than 85 to 90 decibels over an extended period of time can contribute to hearing loss so please always keep your listening volume at a safe level.)
  • Large drivers deliver accurate sound reproduction with little distortion
  • Passive ambient noise cancellation allows you to better hear your sounds at lower volume and does not allow sound to leak out
  • The 3.5 mm audio plug is angled for durability and is compatible with all smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and audio devices that use a 3.5mm output jack
  • Hollow ear-cup for the deaf ear is vented for cooling comfort and can be used as a convenient storage compartment for the approximately 4' long audio cable
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