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2E1 Panasonic Dr. Meter Headphone

2E1 Panasonic Dr. Meter Headphone

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2E1 Panasonic Dr. Meter Headphone (without mic):

  • Panasonic made (RP-HT21) 30mm large diameter neodymium drivers with XBS bass boost port that magnifies low-frequency sound for full, robust pumped up bass response
  • Panasonic drivers are arranged in my innovative "Flying Echelon" staggered configuration with Left driver in the up position and staggered back from Right driver in the down position nearer your ear great for stereo audio listening and gaming
  • 3.5mm right angled jack for added durability to prevent shorting and the approximately 4' long audio
  • Stress relief to the drivers for added wired connection durability is standard on 2E1 all models
  • Made from converted Dr. Meter ear protectors that provide passive ambient noise blocking, allowing you to hear your audio at lower volumes and prevents sound from leaking out
  • Hollow ear-cup over the deaf ear is vented for cooling comfort and can be used as a convenient storage compartment for rolling up and storing the cable inside
  • Folding padded headband has soft ear cushions and is adjustable to fit most adults and children and comes with a drawstring storage bag
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