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2E1 Audiophile

2E1 Audiophile

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The 2E1 Audiophile headphone is design concept I came up with for single sided deaf listeners that are only interested in using my 2E1 headphones for hearing audio/music and not for using them for spatial awareness in gaming or any other such applications. The 2E1 Audiophile model incorporates the Koss KTXPRO1 High Fidelity drivers in what I call a "Flying V Drivers" formation where the drivers are mechanically attached to an acoustic foam (hence "flying") in a concave formation (hence "V" formation) inside the noise isolating ear cup where the drivers are angled so as to direct the audio of the Left and Right stereo channels directly to your ear for hi-fi sound that is a superior sounding to electrically down-mixing the stereo signal into mono. Since the ear-cup with the "Flying V Drivers" envelops the ear it is also slightly vented to prevent uncomfortable acoustic pressure. 

Because the Left and Right drivers for both 2E1 Audiophile models "Flying V Drivers" formation are not staggered like the rest of my other 2E1 Flying Echelon headphones so the stereo panning effect is subdued (so it will not help your one ear in identifying sound origin between left and right channel drivers) but its "Flying V Drivers" formation still produces a more fuller sound than if the stereo signal was down-mixed into mono. The audio dynamics for the Left and Right drivers are spaced at a concave V shaped angle and not staggered as in the 2E1 Flying Echelon models (see description above) but they will allow the preserved stereo audio signal to be heard with one ear for audiophile hi-fi listening needs. An audiophile is a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction and for the unilaterally deaf headphone user that is just not possible if a stereo audio mix is down-mixed into mono audio until now with the 2E1 Audiophile headphone models.

Additionally, the 2E1 Audiophile headphone model is the ideal headphone for those who use hearing aid devices such as cochlear ear implants. For Cochlear Implant users, the 2E1 Audiophile's ambient sound isolating ear cup envelops the ear. The ear that wears the microphone processor that sits behind the ear is enveloped inside the 2E1 Audiophile headphone ear-cup and the super soft cushioned ear-pad comfortably rests against the wire that connects the microphone processor to the external transmitter. I worked with cochlear implanted Beta testers whose feedback on what 2E1 headphone model worked best for them and what they were looking for in a headphone was invaluable to me and I take every opportunity to thank them. 

  • The 2E1 Audiophile Headphone model is made from 3M's Peltor Sport Bull's Eye Hearing Protector with a spring steel headband and super soft foam cushions
  • One size fits most adults and children 
  • Headphone weight approximately 10.6 ounces
  • Hollow ear-cup for the deaf ear is vented for cooling comfort and can be used as a convenient storage compartment for the approximately 4' long audio cable
  • Ear-cup with the "Flying V Driversgreat for stereo audio listening
  • Can be worn comfortably with eyeglasses 
  • Designed with hearing aid devices like cochlear implant users in mind (thank you to my cochlear implant Beta Testers for their feedback) because the ear is enveloped inside the isolating ear-cup. 
  • Passive ambient noise cancellation allows you to better hear your sounds at lower volume and does not allow sound to leak out
  • The 2E1 Audiophile model has their high fidelity rated left/right drivers arranged in the "Flying V Drivers" formation for audio listening only (does not help in locating gaming sound origins)
  • The 2E1 Audiophile model uses high fidelity rated titanium layered drivers taken from Koss KTXPRO's and comes with an in-line volume control with a straight 3.5mm plug Frequency Response 15-25,000 Hz, 60 Ohms Impedance 

If you are unilaterally deaf and just want a 2E1 headphone to listen to the preserved stereo audio in high fidelity (and do not necessarily need to know the left/right channel mix) then I highly recommend the 2E1 Audiophile model using the "Flying V Drivers" formation to you. 

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